About us

Koolboks is a start up company based in France, focused on bringing to life innovative environmentally sustainable products that make life easier for everyone.

The outdoor industry has found it increasingly difficult to connect with millennials. It has been focusing for so long on selling products to a hardcore “tribe” of athletes, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts that they have risked alienating a wider audience. Growing urbanization has seen a transformation of the outdoors from a kind of “proving ground” into more of a playground, a place to be enjoyed on the weekends or on a family vacation. Consumers now, due to technology want to enjoy indoors outdoors.

Koolboks approach to these problems are based on 3 keywords: Innovation, Environment and Fun.

Life is Kool

Coolers are just meant to keep your things cool. But Koolboks cooler is a little different. Moments are special with this cooler. You always get a special feeling anytime you are with your family and friends. Unlike classic coolers, it is exciting, you can share your music, dance to your favorite song, share your movies, and even create the ambiance you want. You can Share your greatest moments.

With sexiness and coolness in mind, the design of this cooler permits it to have an insulation 3 times that of a normal classic cooler. That is why it is able to keep your drinks cold for up to 3 days. When you put drinks in the cooler, the ice at the bottom does not melt easily. This is because the floor of the cooler is more insulated than any the other part of the cooler. Sand has a higher thermal conductivity than air. The cooler is unique from the wheels to the lamp to the speakers. All edges are like flowerbeds: smooth to the eyes, shaped like a sexy space ship-not your average classic blue block. Our job is to create the best “stage”. For this stage, there is music, energy, lights, food and drinks. With Koolboks, people have the opportunity to be themselves, to reflect and to interact. Everyone feels like a character in a play. They have the opportunity to celebrate what is most meaningful to them in life. Graduations, family picnics, football games, romantic picnics…

Come join the revolution. Experience a Koolboks today. Life is really Kool.

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