Global warming is more relevant than ever with heat records on all continents, including Africa. This territory is more concerned than ever by this problem because the consequences of rising temperatures can be observed on a day-to-day with millions of people affected and particularly the poor populations.

Refrigeration absent in Africa

This is especially alarming in Africa, where urban and rural areas are in dire need of fans, air conditioners or refrigerators to cope with temperatures that continue to rise year after year. Under these conditions, respect for the cold chain cannot be guaranteed, either for food or vaccines. A major health problem is therefore beginning to arise.

To better understand the extent of the problem, the example of Nigeria is very telling. Africa’s most populous country, its 200 million inhabitants will quickly have to find a solution to this inexorable global warming. Indeed, average minimum temperatures could rise to 30 degrees at the beginning of 2039.

An estimated 50 million Nigerians have no access to any electricity system and therefore no refrigeration solution. This huge proportion of the population is deprived of vaccines to prevent the most virulent diseases. With a loss of one third of agricultural production each year due to the high temperature, these people are often hungry and malnourished.

The development of air conditioning: the snake that bites its tail?

In countries where monthly incomes are increasing, the use of air conditioning is a matter of course. Indeed, the heat records recorded each year encourage this purchase. Efficient refrigerators also reach many households. Yet this attitude only accelerates the problem of global warming.

Operating on fossil fuels, Koolboks was no exception to this vicious circle. The impact on the energy level is such that seeking more freshness in this way only leads humanity to its downfall.

The challenge is therefore to offer a brand new, efficient, clean and reliable refrigeration system.

Koolboks creates Kool Africa, the tailor-made solution

To provide everyone with access to efficient refrigeration, Koolboks creates a 100% green and patentable solution. It perfectly meets the needs of Africans for refrigeration, light and energy with a single appliance.

Kool Africa could well be the solution for everyone since this off-grid solar refrigerator is offered at an affordable price so that all Africans can easily get it. With its built-in payment system, this new model has understood everything. All people who are used to using Paygo will be able to find this technology through this unique invention. The new refrigerator for everyone was finally born thanks to this revolutionary equipment!

Technology and respect for the environment with Koolboks

This new generation company is a clever mix between the development of technology, which has become essential today, but without sacrificing the environment. Quite the contrary! It has made it its main driving force by demonstrating that new solutions exist.

With a founder who is sensitive to African concerns, Kool Africa is a logical continuation in the development of the company. To go further, Koolboks has developed the “Kool Africa Initiative”. For every purchase of a solar and ingenious refrigerator, 1 euro is donated to this project.

To buy smart and participate in a positive evolution of the world, that is the motto of Koolboks .

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