Guaranteed to keep your food  and drinks cold.

Koolboks is made of of a material: Specially engineered polyurethane thermal insulation 3 times thicker than that of the classical cooler.

Unique Sound Quality

10 Watts  splash proof bluetooth speakers.

High quality sound optimized for both indoor and outdoor use.

2 Year Warranty

Because we are so sure of the Koolboks durability. We have decided to give a 2 year full warranty on it. The Koolboks was made to withstand extreme conditions. We have tested it several times and on all occasions has out performed our expectations. 

15 Hours of Battery Freedom

With 15 hours of play time or charge time, you have nothing to worry about. Your mobile phones are charged throughout your picnic.

Quick 3 hour recharge.

Robust Wheels

The large robust strong and highly durable wheels ensure easy movement of your Koolbooks.

Led Light

Late night summer parties are turnt with the koolboks ! And if you are going camping, why not go with the koolboks – with the koolboks lights , you will never have to struggle figuring out your drink in the dark.


Send your name to deborah@koolboks.com to have your Koolboks customized. 
Maximum Character: 8

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