A picnic as a first date

A picnic as a first date

Many have seen the movie The Perfect Date where the character Brooks Rattigan was on a series of impeccable dates. Its secret: complete accessories to ensure the logistics of the date. With summer coming, it’s time to organize small romantic outings to the beach or simply outside. And to make this date, the perfect date, here is the Koolboks, the 2.0 cooler of modern times.

A friendly place for your romantic date

To perfect your date, you have to choose the right place. A square with a beautiful view and discreet enough to have privacy. This means moving away from crowded places: a small isolated cove or the heights of a beautiful mountain. And with the Koolboks as an accessory to this romantic getaway, you’ll have no problem carrying your cooler. No more heavy coolers that create huge traces of perspiration under the armpits. The Koolboks has sturdy wheels and a telescopic handle for easy transport. And as a bonus, a “kool compartment” will allow you to store your personal belongings.

A small and cool snack

Heat, hunger and fatigue can quickly ruin a date. Indeed, your date may only think of one thing: going home to rest in bed and cool. With the Koolboks cooler connected, you will no longer have to face these problems. Koolboks’ innovative insulation materials (polyurethane and a UV inhibitor) keep your snacks fresh for 72 hours. In addition, the Koolboks is perfectly waterproof, no risk of leaks when you travel. Would you like to know more about the features? Our YouTube video will show you everything!

A romantic atmosphere

The atmosphere is a crucial element to perfect your appointment. The Koolboks’ Bluetooth and Waterproof 10 Watts speakers ensure a pleasant atmosphere. You can play a romantic song on your cooler or catchy music and dance together. And when the sun sets, the Koolboks’ integrated LED lighting will provide dimmed light for soft embraces and tender kisses under the stars. And don’t worry about the batteries, this connected cooler has 15 hours of battery life.

In short, the Koolboks is your ally for the perfect date. And if you’re looking for more convenience, choose the Koolsac. A more flexible and smaller version of the Koolboks. But as an added bonus, it adapts to your means of transport (bicycle, scooter…) and has a solar charger and a bottle opener. And above all, it comes in many colours like the Koolboks, to offer you comfort and style when you go out.

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