What should we think about when we follow the Tour de France?

What should we think about when we follow the Tour de France?

Summer is, by excellence, the season for tournaments and major sporting events! After Rolland Garros comes the Tour de France!

The Tour de France caravan is composed of 160 vehicles, 11 kilometres of convoy, 12 million spectators, a show and impressive gifts, free and accessible to all!
Unfortunately, with the heat of this summer, waiting for the Tour de France caravan to pass by is not so easy! Don’t worry, we have the solution for you!

Do you want to overcome the heat and have a good time? Remember to equip yourself with a quality cooler! Coolers come in an infinite number of brands, models, volumes… Making the right choice is often a real headache! For this reason, we recommend that you convert to soft coolers. 

When you are on the move and waiting for the arrival of the Tour de France caravan, you need to be able to carry some fresh food and drinks with you to keep yourself well hydrated. A flexible cooler like the KOOLBOKS cooler will give you complete satisfaction!

The KOOLBOKS cooler is more than just a cooler, it’s a real technological gem! KOOLSAC has been perfectly designed to offer you the possibility to store and keep your drinks and food cool for 24 hours.

Bright with design and inspiration, the KOOLSAC is part of our era, with its solar panel to recharge your small electrical devices via the USB port, its ultra modern look and its integrated Bluetooth speaker. This soft cooler combines efficiency, performance and mobility with its bicycle and scooter attachments.

Available in several colours, it will satisfy you and guarantee your comfort and well-being.

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  1. bonjour,
    J’ai commandé la Koolbocks l’année dernière , délais de livraison correspondent bien , la Koolbocks je l’ai prise en verte , elle est au top , pratique , les roues sont solides j’ai fait des jaloux à l’Ile Maurice , elle est vraiment top le soir à la plage avec les leds , le son , autonomie rien à dire je vous conseille fortement cette glacière

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